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Customized Powder Metallurgy Straight Crown Wh wholesaler eel a Cost nd Pinion Bevel Iron Spur Gear for Differential Reducer

Product Description

Product Description 

Commodity Customized powder metallurgy straight crown wheel and pinion bevel iron spur gear for differential reducer
Raw Material Iron,Stainless Steel,Cooper,Steel,Iron,Alloy steel
Surface High frenquency quenching ,oil impregnation ,tumbling ,plating ,steam treating etc .


1. CZPT density from 6.7- 7.4 g/cm3

2. Hardness: HRC 30-50

3. Accuracy :±0.01 mm

4.No crumbling ,cracks ,burrs ,metal pitting and other defects

5.high productivity ,cost-efficient ,energy saving

Certification ISO9001 / TS16949 

Products Show 

(1) According to the different strength and performance, we choose the steel with strong compression;
(2) Using professional software and CZPT professional engineers to design products with more reasonable size and better performance;
(3) We can CZPT ize CZPT products according to the needs of CZPT CZPT ers,Therefore, the optimal performance of the gear can be exerted under different working conditions;
(4) Quality assurance in every step to ensure product quality is controllable.
Main Products 
Producing Equipments 

Inspection Method 
Company Profile 

HangZhou CZPT CZPT And Export Co.,Ltd. is the predecessor of ZHangZhoug Kangtao CZPT mation Equipment Co.,Ltd ,which was established in 1998 .Our company provide CZPT ers with powder metallurgy processing products and precision forged gears .We produce bearings ,various gears ,belt pulleys ,splines ,sprockets ,ratchet gears ,and many other highly durable and precise components .Zuhui employs a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers that are here to help CZPT ers design and develop their products and troubleshoot any issues that my arise .Our production facility is outfitted with all of the necessary equipment to create high quality products with great consistency .Contact us today if you would like to learn more . 

My advantages:
1. CZPT quality materials, professional production, high-precision equipment.
2. CZPT and durable, strong strength, large torque and good comprehensive mechanical properties .
3. CZPT rotation efficiency, stable and smooth transmission, CZPT service life .
4. CZPT on gear processing for 20 years.
5. Carburizing and quenching of tooth surface, strong wear resistance, reliable operation .
6. The tooth surface can be ground, and the precision is higher after grinding. 


Packing & Delivery 

Q1: How to get an accurate quotation?
A1: To give you a detailed quotation, we need below information
♦ Drawings(DWG,IGS,STEP,UG,PDF,Solidworks)
♦ Material of products.
♦ Surface treatment of products.
♦ Purchasing quantity.

Q2: What is the MOQ?
A2: We don't set MOQ, but the price will be better for the larger quantity . Besides, we are happy to make prototype or sample for clients to ensure quality standard.
Q3: If I don't have drawing, what can you do for me?
A3: If you don't have drawing,We can design for you.
Q4: Will my drawing be safe after you get it?
A4: Yes, we won't release your design to any third parties unless have your permission. And we can sign the NDA before you send the drawing.
Q5: How to deal with the parts received when they are found to be in poor quality?
A5: Please rest assured that all CZPT products are QC inspected and accepted with inspection report before delivery and generally there will no CZPT -conformance: in case of CZPT - conformance, please contact us immediately, take some pictures, we will check on the problems and have them reworked or repaired at the first time , the resulting transportation costs will be CZPT side.