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Product Description

Gravity die-casting
Gravity die casting
1. CZPT mould
2. Die casting
3. CZPT (trim, grind, drill)
4. Surface treatment( anodize, chrome-plated)

Gravity die casting
Technological processed: CZPT mould--- die casting ----casting (trim, grind, drill) ---surface treatment

Gravity die casting detail:
1. Material: CZPT (A380, A360, ADC12, ADC10) according to JISH5302: 2006 &ASTM
2. Process: Trim grind, drill, CNC
3. Surface treatment: Shot blashing, sandblasting or painting, anodize, electroplating, chrome-plated or all per CZPT ers' requirement
Gravity die casting design & mold manufacture
2. Use the software: CZPT CAD, RPO/Engineer, Solidwork, UG
3. Mold design
4. Trial the mold
5. CZPT : EDM, CNC, Grinding CZPT , Milling CZPT , Tuning CZPT , Wire Cutting CZPT , Photo Engraving, CZPT Milling, Welder

Item description
type Aluminum die casting
Zinc die casting
Magnesium die casting
manufature HangZhouxinlong tongda trade co., ltd
equipment Cold  chamber die casting machine
Machine capacity 100T-800T
process Tooling making: 20-30days tooling leadtime
Casting: remove all burrs & sharp edges
Machinng: CNC maching, milling, drilling, trimming, cutter, griding, wire cutter etc
Surface treatment: shot blasting, sand blasting
Polishing, powder coating, painting, , polishing, powder coating, chrome plating, nickel plating, passivating
Quality control first checked after cast from die casting machine CZPT checked by the warehouse people third checked after machining and surface finish. We check piece by piece each time
package inner packing: PE bag or air bubble bag outer packing: double corrugated carton as per CZPT ers' requirment
advantage OEM service offered
Send us you RFQ in details!   We produce strictly according to CZPT er' s design and machining request.