Cus Cheap tomized Steel Forging B Cost evel Gears

Product Description

1. Quality Control
We provide:
1) CZPT Composition Report
2) CZPT Properties Report
3) Dimension Test Report
4) Hardness Test Report
5) Heat Treatment Chart Report
6) CZPT s according to clients' demand

2. Equipment list

Hydraulic CZPT 4000Ton
Mounted Reclaimer  
Ring Rolling CZPT Φ5000mm
Quenching Tank  
Desktop Tempering CZPT  
Bell type Quenching CZPT  
Aluminum Alloy Solid Solution Aging CZPT  
8.5m Bell Type CZPT  
Planer Drilling CZPT  
CNC VTL Operator  

3. Factory

4. Related products

5. CZPT and packing

6. Certificates