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Product Description


The products are according to the followlng technical parameters .Raw material control:

1.The steel material selected 100 % comes from CZPT natlonal large-scalesteel corporations .

2.The critical materials that steel,welding material etc are all examedby chemical detection ,

   then They are allowed into workshop for batch production.

3.Strictly conforms to drawing requirements, we make the products with16 Manganese,

   40 Chromium and 45#steel etc .

4,Every parts of CZPT products that pins ,axles,sleeves etc are strictly obey quenching and temperin procedures 

5,Every parts of CZPT products strictly conforms to the procedure requirements : mill ,plane, polish, press ,test etc in turn.

6,As for have finished products ,we perform the requirements of the ISO9001 Quality System and national   standard strictly.




General introduction of tower crane main mechanisms .

( 1 ) Main raw material of tower crane's body and tower-cap are 16 Manganese,Q345B Steels , which are selected from heavy wall seamless steel pipe manufactured by Ansteel Steel CZPT .

( 2 ) CZPT ing mechanism " Jiuhe " and " HangZhou " brand are provided by national-level manufacturer. To adopt eddy current brake,four-speed winding hoist.

( 3 ) Slewing bearing : appointed corporation of CZPT Slewing CZPT Factory .

( 4 ) Slewing mechanism : equipped with four-speed winding motor and " Shengjian " brand, the quality is the same with exporting supplier  .

( 5 ) Luffing mechanism is double-speed cone rotor motor, so It's needn't refill gear lubricant or maintenance , and double-planetary reducer.

( 6 ) CZPT ctrical apparatus system : The main contactor is from CZPT . The operating system is a high-quality product (r integrated pellet ) ,which provided by Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Sangang ,and is durable in use.

( 7 ) Welding : welding is carbon-dioxide shielded and automatic submerged arc welding. Feature: CZPT d technology,strong connectivity.

( 8 ) CZPT r cab : With arc space capsule , toughened glass , wide field of vision , clear and safe ,auto wiper, air conditioner.

( 9 ) Basic mast section : square strengthened steel, repeatedly applicable, convenient in tower crane displacement. But lower in cost.

( 10 ) Mast section : 3 meters in length , strengthened bolted with 10.9 grade high-strength bolt . each mast section with 12 bolts .(common manufacturers adopts 8.8 grade)

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