CNC Be Cheap vel Gear shop Generator

Product Description



                              Product Name: CNC  
Bevel Gear CZPT GN25N

·  CNC Bevel Gear CZPT with 4 times efficiency than normal Gear CZPT .
·  This machine is a general machine based on flat-surface gear producing theory and adopts the     extending means to process straight bevel gears. It is applicable to the quantity producing of straight bevel gear in the field of automobile, tractor, machine tools and other machinery manufacturing industry.
·  The machine adopts vertical double station layout. The cutter head is with large diameter and with good stability. The gears whose module is in 6mm cab be formed in one time on the substantial blank.
·   The machine has two swing tables, which can alternatively enter into the cutting position, which can pair-processing the gear pair and can save the workpiece assembling time.
As the major cutting points of the cutters are designed to be set on a concave surface, the gear which be cut is a kind of drum gear. This kind of gears can reduce the CZPT bility of the gear position error, improve the contacting and reduce the noise.
·   The working position switching is done by hydraulic and controlled by manual. All the gear forming processes are done by automatic except the manual workpiece loading. The machine is highly automatic, convenient in operation safe and reliable.