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Product Description


Product Name  High CZPT Injected Plastic Gear / Plastic Cog /Spur gear/helical gear/bevel gear/worm gear
Material POM, PA-6, PA-66, "PA-6, 30% G. F. ", "PA-6, 25% G. F. ", "PA-66, 30% G. F. ", "PA-66, 25% G. F. "
Mold Cavity Single or Multi-cavity
Mold Base LKM or Equivalent Standard mold base
Core Steel NAK80 Prehardened steel,718, 718H, P20, S136 etc.
Injection CZPT Size 40 sets range from 80Tons to 1400Tons
Tolerance +/-0.1mm
Max Mold Size 1500mm X 1300mm
Product Unit CZPT ght From 0.1gram to 10,000grams
Tooling CZPT -time 3-7 weeks
Production CZPT -time 2-4 weeks
Surface Treatment Chrome Plating, Silk-Printing, CZPT Etching, Texture, Color Painting, etc
Mold Life 50000 shots -500000 shots
Brand STK or CZPT ized 

The introduction of CZPT company
1. Equipped with modern and precise manufacture equipments and strictly quality control which allow us to make high quality auto parts
2.High efficient management to achieve the production cost optimization, and return the profit to CZPT er end for CZPT term win win relationship.
1.Customer-focused organization;
2.Smooth & quick communication;
3.Custom manufacturing & CZPT solution;
4.Excellent quality control;
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7.Conduct the teamwork practice.
The package of CZPT products